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Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Urban Cable Restrant Device / WWBGD

Lookout Bucktooth Billy this isn't for snaring the kind of bush meat your used to. Next November 15th trapping session says goodbye to the salt marshes and hello to big city nights.

The Urban Snare by PostSkunk
- dont just catch their eyes

available in
Lamé Gold &
Lamé Fuchsia

Perfect for paring wi
th the Cotton Spandex Strapless Ruched Bodysuit or Lamé Late Night Minni Skirt

coming soon to American Apparel

Today I got a call from two local ACO's who needed help capturing a goose with a broken leg in the canal next to the Raritan. when I got there the snow had just stopped and after about 30 minutes of us playing scar pong with it from both shores I finally thought she was close enough for me to catch her. I pounced up from my ground stalking position with cougar like agility and scrambled to the shore to throw the net over her. I guess I missed because next thing I knew I had chased it into the water up to my shoulders and each time I took a breath, progressively less and less air was actually reaching my lungs. I looked back at the shore 10 feet behind me and the first thing I thought was WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST DO but then, god bless his soul, I thought what would Bear Grylls do. So I turn and start fist pumping my way back to dry land, every step losing more and more steam. The second I get both my feet in the dirt I tear off my shirt, drop to the ground, and start pumping out push-ups military style just like mother fuck Bear would have done.
After I was breathing for real again I started to reflect on the whole ordeal. The rage, the desperation, the adrenalin, and the testosterone hitting me from all directions made the whole thing this savagely artistic sexual experience. That's when it hit me this would make like a totally amazing American Apparel add, all it needed was like some really flat colors and some totally mashed girls with at least one of their breasts exposed. So coupling that with the whole idea that I just as easily could have not made it out of that canal (which made me all prolific and ambitious) had me realizing my full calling in life. I was not only meant to be the worlds greatest WCO, but I was also meant to become the worlds greatest WCO advocate.
And how you ask. Well, by incorporation the unforgiving world of animal removal and control fashion into the mainstream and there by adapting it to potentially an equally savage concrete jungle.

My first peace is going to be the Urban Snare.
I'm in the process of developing a proto-type along with a marketing report that I'm hoping to pitch to Dov Charney before the fall session. So if anyone wants a pre-release let me know, I might be able to hook it up.

Yeah.... Hell Yeah!!!

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