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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gay fruit flies, I bet that scientist is awesome at party's

First things first I'm gonna try to leave the overwhelming Irony alone, with this one. So according to a study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience there is a gene that can be manipulated in fruit flies that will make them "gender blind". These GB males treat other males just the same as they would a female, including getting down with them. Here's another example of the kind of tolerant representatives of the animal kingdom this new millennium of ours has been waiting for. Unofficially the LOGO network has bought the rights to this research in hopes of producing the reality based show Queer Gene For The Straight Guy, taking this whole metro-sexual craze to the next level. I didn't read anything about taking gay fruit flies and making them straight, just taking straight ones and switching them back and forth. Sorry bible pushers looks like this isn't that solution you've been waiting for after all, so keep up the good work with those "Gods will" help groups for all those "confused souls". Maybe if you pray really hard it really might happen for you next time.

Here are some example of Gender Blind fruit flies that are exploring the world of High Fashion

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