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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Uniforms are essential to the success of every Wildlife Control Professional

I’ve been trying to get the 07 Marc Jacobs Vans pretty much since they sold out/day after they came out. I got screwed the first two times I tried to get them off ebay but I finally found a pair on in my size. I fell asleep last night watching an old episode of Dirty Jobs and had a glimpse of what’s in store for me tomorrow after the UPS lady comes up the drive. The opening credits were totally new. instead of Faith No More’s “We Care a Lot” the theam song was a Remix Artist Collective version of Foreigners “Dirty White Boy” and instead of showing various shots of various dirty jobs, it was just a bunch of clips from that show Full Frontal Fashion spliced together with some random street shots in Williamsburg. So then the dream fast forwards a little to my segment where Mike Rowe’s walking threw a second floor hallway introducing my job. But instead of carhartts he’s wearing girl jeans and has the T2 Edward Furlong haircut. All of a sudden the camera slowmoe’s on the panel for the attic pull down stairs and Steve Aoki - Bring It On starts blasting. Then after the appropriate dramatic pause the pull down ladder drops and a cloud of smoke with strobe lights behind it pours down the steps. The first thing you see out of the smoke are my white/gunmetal oldskool Vans X Jacobs coming at the camera (with a fish-eye lense), then through the chaos you start to make out a Hysteric Glamour t-shirt. finally you see me sporting my tortoise shell wayfarers cradling a raccoon in one arm, and fist pumping my other arm in the air to the beat.

I don’t remeber to much after that, but I don’t have to. The seed has already been planted. Look out Discovery chanel, 08’s going to be a big year.

Go here to download Steve Aoki - Bring it on

And while your at it go to and pick up the full album Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles

I don’t know about you, but just looking at them gives me some heavy movement

THE DIRT BIKE! THE HAIR! My childhood!

(at least as I like to remember it)


Amy said...


i don't know where to begin.

alikoz said...

i am pretty much in awe of you right now. just so you know.

Anonymous said...

i had the furlong haircut in 6th grade. and it led to me getting to feel up a girl in my tiny school. and then i had it again about a year and half ago. and it led to things i couldnt even dream about in 6th grade.