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Friday, February 1, 2008

WCO's...I DON'T GET IT? part 1

(WCO = Wildlife Control Operator)

(ACO = Animal Control Operator)

What’s so hype worthy about the dog catcher you ask … only one of the best untapped resources that will give your Gen-Y friends some heavy movement when you throw it in at your next obscure reference focus group.

David Cronenberg’s RABID

Cronenberg references always go over big, ACO’s were appointed by municipalities for the soul purpose of rabies control. This movie was Cronenberg’s homage to these unsung heros, and he opened the publics eyes to the reality that you don’t catch rabies from getting bit by a dog but rather from a giant stinger that shoots out of Marilyn Chambers armpit like an erection.

David Cronenberg’s theatrical version of NAKED LUNCH

this movie showed us it was cool to be exterminator chic in 91 but then the whole heroin chic thing stepped in and shooting up pesticides was left in the dust.

PREDICTION: Chasing the cockroach, in 08, is going to come back in a big way!

also this will be accompanied by the insectuality movement, sparked by the recent success of the critically acclaimed documentary ZOO

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