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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Punxsutawney Phil says "fuck the weather, six more weeks of ragging!"

It’s February 2nd and that means it’s time once again to take a knee and chug a tall boy in honer of our favorite BAD BOY of the marmot family.

On a consistent basis I’ve been amazed at the cool points groundhogs manage to rack up when I go out on calls. I’ll show up at a house and I’ll find them passed out in the front seat after braking into a car, and I’ve even found one hanging out in hot tub snarling and holding it’s ground anytime someone approached. You thought you and your college buddy’s knew how to leave a party signature on a house, these guy’s get all their buddy’s to come out and collapse the house. It’s like AWK’s music is a way of life for whistle pigs. The affiliation with Bill Murray alone earned them a place on the hot list.

Photo’s from this mornings Puxsutawney debauch-fest kickoff

Translation = let’s get this orgy started!

“I’m gonna make her squeal like a Whistle Pig”

Phil’s bringing back Dr, Seuss hat’s in a BIG WAY. And I, for one, am on board.

Groundhogs days not complete without the official “fuck the police” barker

The man who need’s no introductions, himself

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