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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Find me in the kennal club, bottle full of bub.

Last night the empire state building was lit purple and gold and that could have only meant one thing, Oh the bitch is back (though the party was anything but Stone cold sober....)
There was a lot of excitement on the sod carpet at MSG over the last two days, from the judges, to the handlers, to the dogs themselves.

the first award I would like to give out is in the judges category

The award for creepiest judge goes to: Mr. Elliot B Weiss

the mullet curl, the sleazy smile, and his wondering eyes spending more time on the handlers full figured booty's then the pure breeds handled, together all won this award for him.

The award for pissed judging didn't include handlers German electro Influences goes to:

now, I don't know much about these two but i do know ones named "Billy Bad to the Bone du Domaine du Président" and I'm pretty sure it's the one with the fo-hawk .

The award for handler I'd like to be handled by goes to: Kirsten McGregor
(handling chandler bing #14 yorki) unfortunately I could not get a picture of this foxy little temptress, but between her delicious duotone hair, and body that had Bing in heat I think you remember the hottie I'm talking about.

Now onto the dogs

The award for best back story goes to: Taser the affenpinscher
Taser got his name from his owners two son's who invented the taser
rumor has it the less lethal sidearm carrying security has some influence over this best in breed

The award for most likely to put out goes to: Sophie the Party color Cocker Spaniel
Buy this little bitch an appletini and and let the good times role.

The award for dog that should have won best in show goes to: Lola
Because I've been totally in love with this dog for like 3 years now

She's kind of amazing, but she's more of an after-party dog. She doesn't wast her time with all that pre-party show bullshit

The last award of the night went to Trace Adkins who managed to bring the Honkydonk Badonkadonk back into shelter dogs


Amy said...

Oh my god - I don't want to be that creepy girl who keeps commenting beyond what's appropriate, but I keep making the mistake of checking your blog after I've had too much to drink. And, as always, I nearly spit wine across the room while laughing at your post. This is the best blog ever.

Amy said...

p.s. it was the appletini comment that killed me.

sheer! said...

UMmmm heck yes. Lola is the most gangsta, I wanna see her win that stupid trophy, and I want to run her around the stupid dog show wearing stilettos and a skin tight dress, FUCK those FUGLY flats the owners always wear.

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