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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Your not gonna be able to ask it about the latest Madonna album"

It tore it up at Sundance last year and made it to the Directors Fortnight sidebar at Cannes, if you haven't had a chance to see it get a copy immediately. ZOO is the story of the death of Mr. Hands told threw intervies with Coyote, H, and The Happy Horseman. This movie is absolutely amazing. Yes it is about a bunch of men who are brought together by their love for getting Fucked by horses, but as unbelievable as it sounds thats not the best reason to see this movie. The initial novelty of the subject mater wears off pretty much as soon as it starts. The, I'll hesitantly call them, dramatic reenactments run the entire length of movie while Coyote and the guys explain what drives them to do this. The footage director Devor produces is so well shot and so dramatic that it pretty much deprives these men of the stigma that prior to this movie, defined them. Even the musical score has this eerie elegance to it. Threw the course of this movie your going to sympathize with these men and find yourself totally turned off by Jenny Edwards of Hope for Horses. I don't want to give away to much of the movie but I found myself honestly upset when Jenny reveals that she had Kevlar (I think it was him and not Strut it's kind of unclear) gelded the night she "rescued him". One of the wildest things about this whole story is that prior to "Mr Hands" internally bleeding to death in July of 2005, having sex with animals was totally legal in Washington State, so Zoo-ophiles flocked there.

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you watch the movie, if you want to know Mr. Hands real name do a search for the movie on wikipedia


alikoz said...

Oh no.

Amy said...

do you own this? if so, can i borrow it? sounds like it has to be seen to be believed...

Faith! said...

I really wanted to like this movie but- honestly? I wanted to see a little penetration. Rip off!

HorseOfADifferentColor said...

This movie is bullshit. Beautiful camera work, sleepy music, Really good job of humanizing people who trespassed next door to get someone else's horses to fuck them up the ass.

Of course the rescue neutered the horse they got. What should they have done, asked him nicely not to try to stick it in the next person he see's bending over.

The director lost his nerve. I think he has a mini Errol Morris complex without the courage to actually attack the subject.

This movie should have been great instead it's just boring.