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Friday, February 8, 2008

And Tango Makes Two: the chapter you didn't read

Pengwins are all the rage right now. It seems like I can't turn on prime time Discovery channel without hearing Morgan Freeman's voice describing an unforgiving life in the Arctic. Mumble, the tap dancing star of Happy feet won the hearts of American's showing us that tap dancing can be cool even if it doesn't include that guy with the dreeds from the late 90s pepsi commercials. Cody Maverick, Surfs Up, I think we all weren't to surprised when we couldn't get tickets to that opening weekend. But then there was Tango, Stardom wasn't quite so kind to Tango as it was his fellow child celebrity's. Apparently places like Southwick, Massachusetts and Shiloh, Illinois were not so big on the tolerant, new millennium, anything goes attitudes advocated by the staff at the Central Park Zoo. After the Buzz about Manhattans favorite gay penguin parents faded, Silo's supposed love knows no bounds attitude, started to as well.

In a recent interview with Silo he explains his side of the story,
"In the beginning we were just having some fun, you know. I mean were we just two penguins with a rock, me and Roy, buddy's with benefits." Latter in the interview he trys to explain, "I don't know I mean everyone was experimenting at that age, I was young, I was confused, it's Manhattan, come on? Then all of a sudden they replaced the rock with an egg..... Oh GOD ..... it just made Roy so happy and I couldn't take that away from him. And Tango.... I never wanted to bring him into a broken home .... but I cant be some thing I'm not. God I cant even come out of the penguin cave with out zoo go'ers yelling ANNE HECHE at me." after he compses himself he finally finishes the interview telling us, "You know it's gotten better though me and Scrappy were real happy together and My parents are speaking to me again. life's starting to go back to normal and thats all I really want now."

Scrappy was unavailable for comment

Roy has since left the zoo and resided s at an undisclosed location

And poor Tango. After finally overcoming his long term addition to Heroin he decided he was going to devote his life to humanitarian work. We lost little Tango 11/7/07 while engaging in a high risk rescue attempt during the San Fransisco Bay oil spill.

Tango the penguin, may you finally find the peace you so deserve.
we will always remember you pal.

Tango the penguin 2005 - Nov. 7 2007
well miss ya little guy

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