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Monday, March 31, 2008

open air quotes "WHITE NOSE SYNDROME" close air quotes!!

Over the last few months in New York State, bats have been turning up dead by the thousands with a mysterious "white ring" around their noses. You really got to hand it to the little guys, in a matter of two seasons not only did they managed to make rabies big in 08 with their special guest appearance at SXSW, but now they've become the first wild animal to fully embrace the coolness that accompanies the world of Designer Drugs. I wonder if they all hang around their drug den/bat caves listening to SNOWBLIND while the alpha bat jumps one of the lesser bats and bites his head off in a cracked out attempt to court some of the lady bats. I'm not implying that they died from hittin the slopes a little to hard, I don't go by Coach and I'm not your high school health teacher, But the winter months are cold and many, so I'm sure that it didn't take long before their "man" tossed a few wax-paper baggy free-bees in with the usual order, ya know to take the edge off! Every week my pal, the lovely Brooklynite responsible for the fantastic SHEER blog, dedicates a drink to a deserving party. I think for this week (and maybe several weeks to come) I would like to buy a 40 from that illusive dive bar, and drop some on the curb for all my little buddies who kept on going and rode the COOL WAVE all the way into the sunset, we won't forget ya guys. Party on dudes...............Party On.

Shit the Wildlife rehab scene is gonna get bonkers before summers end, you herd it here first kiddies.

If you want to read more about the research being conducted to help cure white nose syndrome go to:

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Sorry guys. I know you live in a deep dark creepy cave and all, but you can call off the search party there are no dragons hiding back there!


Amy said...

best blog post title ever. EVER!!

ali said...

I didn't want to say anything, but recently I have noticed some seriously paranoid racoons hanging around our garbage can with some pretty messed up looking veins. So sad.