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Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm well aware that reptiles rule, I was not aware they rule the world

David Icke isn't your average aging soccer hooligan, he also offers the answer to why many people are born with tails. Apparently Bob Hope, the Bush's, the Royal Family of England, Al Gore, and Boxcar Willie among others are really blood sucking reptiles. I really enjoy this theory/am crossing my fingers, if this is true WCOs like me will be the equivalent to future John Conner from T2. That would be fucking rad. So these reptiles make up the majority of the most important people in the world. Al Gore is definitely a Lizard man. This makes sense because, being totally intolerable to listen to makes him the perfect candidate to inform the world about global warming. Reptiles love the sun like a whole lot, it's a fact. David regularly speaks to audiences of around 1000 and even more when he is on TV, also his books sell like they're going out of style, so apparently this guy is some what credible (or thats just me hoping really hard that I get the chance to lead the anti giant reptile rulers underground resistance, or the AGRRUR as I just now named it).

The Major problem this guy and his organization is facing is...... the Anti Defamation League? I just finished watching this 50 minute youtube video his site had a link to, thats main focus was on the ADL trying to shut him down. The ADL's major argument against Icke is... "that when David says 12 foot lizards secretly rule the world, what he really means is that Jews secretly rule the world". The part I enjoyed most about the movie was that they must have introduced the question "When David Icke says lizards does he really mean lizards?" like 40 times in a really dramatic voice. Also the ADL brought up the fact that the neo natzi unit combat 18 attended one of his lectures once in London this one time, and they gave him a "glowing review". Also I thought it was funny latter on in the video, when this guy from the ADL in Vancouver at this meeting about shutting his book signings and radio appearances down says "I bet this guy is a holocaust denier, I can't back that up but I bet he is". What ever happened to the good old days when Mel Gibson was getting all the heat....... sigh.

Alright enough with the criticizing the ADL, I like Jews especially hot ones, I like the hot ones the best! So lets get back to whats important, Reptile Judgment Day. "it's gonna feel pretty fucking real to you too. Anybody not wearing 2 million sunblock is gonna have a real bad day. Get it?", because reptiles like it real hot remember. Oh man I wonder if I'm gonna get one of those really sexy post-apocalyptic girlfriends like the mute chick in Planet of the Apes or any of the sexy girls that tag along with Snake Plissken in Escape From New York & LA. Or maybe I'll get an ally with benefits like Grace Jones in Conan or someone really awesome I can't even think of yet! The only question now is how soon is this shit going down, or should I say when are WCO's gonna start saving the world?
(thank's Amy)

Click below for David Icke's website

Click here for the 50 minute youtube video discussed above


Anonymous said...

Wow. This is the first I've heard of David Icke. He sort of has an L. Ron Hubbard vibe to him. (I will sign this post anonymously, as I would hate to land myself on a list of Scientology SP's by defaming LRH on the interweb)

postskunk said...
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