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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rabies!!! The next big thing to come out of SXSW!!!

The other day my best good friend, and member of the overnight sensation COMPLETE LIVEWIRE EUROPEAN ~~ Party Time Machine, sent me a link to a Brooklyn vegan post about a rabies scare at SXSW. This made my year, shit this might just beat out risking life and limb to save that fuckin goose from the 28 degree Raritan last month!! This should very well be the start of WCO's rightfully becoming the next top priority on the scenestars radar. Cut Copy, Yeasayer, Simian Mobile Disco, R.E.M, Rachel Ray's after party (not some hip band name, the actual event) and now RABIES making a memorable cameo at Texas's no holds bar city wide hipsterrific music festival. I see Rabies being as big as say Vampire Weekend is right now, mark my words by this time next months instead of hearing Mansard Roof at the beginning and end of every Real World Road Rules challenge commercial break, MTV is going to just play video and sound clips of day 6 thew 10 rabies infected dog and/or raccoons!!!! This has so many marketable features, like take for instance the fact that 60,000 people a year die from rabies in Asia & Africa (and those are only the documented cases) because they have no legitimate Animal Control Officer program in place or rabies prevention plan. Bono's going to be all over this shit and I'm sure Angelina and Brad won't be far behind. Just make sure you Remember who the original Gen-Y Bad Boy - Cutting Edge culture/lifestyle aficionado (bla bla bla....verbally jerk myself off some more...bla bla) Wildlife/Animal Control Officer Operator was, Kids! I wonder if this could get me the kind of celebrity it takes to get invited to Flavor Country, Marlboro's Corporate Ranch retreat for Philip Morris executives. I don't know about you guys but I'm super excited to see how this all pans out!



If anyone is at SXSW and reads this post while their, please please please......grab a copy of one of these fliers of a telephone pole or where ever for me!!!!........I'll give the first person who gets me a legitimate original copy of this flier a free POSTSKUNK T-SHIRT I'll even make it the Glow Cat One!!!!!!! (as soon as they get printed)

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