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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fun With Mammal Tracks & Signs: An invaluable resource for wildlife enthusiasts and beginning or experienced trackers

VSOP stains on the rug, urine on the walls, some dude shooting a crucifix gun on the wide screen, twists/rope/tube shaped scat permeating in the top part of the toilet?

Before today you might have been scratching your head thinking, "who did this?"
But don't fret, with a little practice next time you might be able to point that finger with stern confidence!

LESSON ONE: Identifying the aftermath of the North American PostSkunk
(answerers at bottom of page.....good luck!)

Click on image to make it bigger (when I tried to make this pic bigger on the post it got all pixelated)


1) stsaC rebbuR Tnirp tooF knukStsoP

2) tcaS knukStsoP

3) sllehS mrowrepuS daeD & ttuB tereggiC dekomS

4) DVD noitidE laicepS niatnuoM yloH s'yksworodoJ ordnajelA

5) snabyaR llehS ssitroT erafyaW

6) taH noitaicossA yrnoclaF etatS kroY weN arE weN ytfiF95 noitidE detemiL

7) kooB daeH pohS /spohS deaH yhtraCcM luaP

8) enizagaM ERRAZIB fO eussI tnerruC

9) 004 tfarknerK - noitaN eibmoZ gnitsalB elffuhS doPi

10) sfaerB delioS

11) llaB ocsiD retsmaH siH nI nO doPi siH gnitteG telkcihC

12) snoitidE sbocaJ craM X sanV looksdlO latemnuG /etihW

(Hopefully you fingered out the answers are backwards, Good Luck!!!)

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