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Friday, March 28, 2008

Michel Vick's Dog's Are so 2007!

Sorry Vick, at least when you were the most hated man in America you were still somebody. There's some new kids on the block putting their fists up ready to fight.......all six or more of them. JAPANESE BUG FIGHTS, the biggest thing to come out of Japan since the's! Two Bugs Enter....One Bug Leaves! I have to say this does upset me a little bit, but seriously once you watch one you can't stop.

Some Highlights:

Round 11: The Blue lobster benches lobster size dumbbells to pump up for fight!

Round 25: The Rhino Beetle and the Emperor Scorpion fight on a log dodging a watery grave at every turn!

ANY FIGHT WITH: The Japanese Hornet (I Think) in it. He really knows how to FUCK SHIT UP!

Check them out at:

Disclaimer: PostSkunk does not advocate harming insects or anything else with an exoskeleton!


ali said...

oh dear God, you make me laugh. Those bugs show tenacity not seen since those cursed ants that used to pinch you fingers as a kid (which you insisted on picking up, nonetheless).

With Moe at the house all week, I am hoping we'll see a post about a handsome terrier up here very soon.

Jess said...

If you start fighting insects, I want to be there. It has boundless photographic potential.

Speaking of potential, check out my new site: You may just see a familiar face...

sheer! said...

omg i HATE bugs and i hope they all destroy eachother in a ring of fire and rage