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Monday, March 31, 2008

open air quotes "WHITE NOSE SYNDROME" close air quotes!!

Over the last few months in New York State, bats have been turning up dead by the thousands with a mysterious "white ring" around their noses. You really got to hand it to the little guys, in a matter of two seasons not only did they managed to make rabies big in 08 with their special guest appearance at SXSW, but now they've become the first wild animal to fully embrace the coolness that accompanies the world of Designer Drugs. I wonder if they all hang around their drug den/bat caves listening to SNOWBLIND while the alpha bat jumps one of the lesser bats and bites his head off in a cracked out attempt to court some of the lady bats. I'm not implying that they died from hittin the slopes a little to hard, I don't go by Coach and I'm not your high school health teacher, But the winter months are cold and many, so I'm sure that it didn't take long before their "man" tossed a few wax-paper baggy free-bees in with the usual order, ya know to take the edge off! Every week my pal, the lovely Brooklynite responsible for the fantastic SHEER blog, dedicates a drink to a deserving party. I think for this week (and maybe several weeks to come) I would like to buy a 40 from that illusive dive bar, and drop some on the curb for all my little buddies who kept on going and rode the COOL WAVE all the way into the sunset, we won't forget ya guys. Party on dudes...............Party On.

Shit the Wildlife rehab scene is gonna get bonkers before summers end, you herd it here first kiddies.

If you want to read more about the research being conducted to help cure white nose syndrome go to:

And you should also check out one of PostSkunk's favorite blogs, if you didn't catch the link above:

Sorry guys. I know you live in a deep dark creepy cave and all, but you can call off the search party there are no dragons hiding back there!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Michel Vick's Dog's Are so 2007!

Sorry Vick, at least when you were the most hated man in America you were still somebody. There's some new kids on the block putting their fists up ready to fight.......all six or more of them. JAPANESE BUG FIGHTS, the biggest thing to come out of Japan since the's! Two Bugs Enter....One Bug Leaves! I have to say this does upset me a little bit, but seriously once you watch one you can't stop.

Some Highlights:

Round 11: The Blue lobster benches lobster size dumbbells to pump up for fight!

Round 25: The Rhino Beetle and the Emperor Scorpion fight on a log dodging a watery grave at every turn!

ANY FIGHT WITH: The Japanese Hornet (I Think) in it. He really knows how to FUCK SHIT UP!

Check them out at:

Disclaimer: PostSkunk does not advocate harming insects or anything else with an exoskeleton!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


It's Easter so you guessed it, PostSkunk's throwing in it's two sense about rabbits. Now as a WCO I don't do much in the way of controlling rabbits, the main reason being......their complete live wires! But never the less, anyone can appreciate how the rabbit has positioned itself in the wonderful world of wildlife, and from what I gather, they do! "FUCKING LIKE RABBITS", the Playboy Bunny, Frank Kozik's smoking bunny signature, the unbearably cute factor, the outshine Jesus on his big day factor, the snuggle factor.......and the list goes on!


Scenario: Your living in an apartment. Several times, every night you here bed post's breaking dry wall and frantic adult themed moans. To a friend or coworker you describe your neighbors actions by saying " they never stop......_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _? it goes on all night every night".
responsibility for the cliche alone, holds major bragging rights!
Well done my friend........Well done

The Kozik Bunny
It manages to make it's way into almost every issue of Juxtapoz, one way or another. In many circles it's pretty well recognized, and of course Kozik's totally Rad.

Aside from the, trashy in a bad way, tramp stamps that seem to run rampant in the lovely state of New Jersey.....I think the Playboy bunny deserves a lot of credit. It might not be as cool as the FOX Magazine fox, but that has more to do with how tame Playboy is then the bunny itself. Hue Hefner is really pretty amazing guy, he's kind of like the Edouard Manet of the 20th and 21st century.......yea I said it!!!

Today, Bunnies are Bigger the Jesus
Sure Jesus died, 2008 years ago today, for our sin's but come on.....did he ever bring us CANDY!
I don't know about you, but I've never herd of a fish and loaves of bread hunt?
(Me and Leann were having this argument last night........Looks like I WIN!!!)

The Cute/Snuggle factor is pretty self explanatory
Here are a few visual aids.

Maybe it's just me, but I think this rabbit is adorable!

I added this one because it reminds me of an old friends....Coolest rabbit ever! I still have chew holes in the crotches of all my old sweat pants from Frankie Teardrop, who was named for my favorite suicide song!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cas​e Stu​dy:​ Pos​tSk​unk​ Rel​eas​e Pro​ced​ure​

A lot of you have probably thought to yourselves, "boy this guy really took that importance of proper attire while handling skunks, joke and ran with it!" and I can understand the skepticism. A lot of people don't believe in the concept of DRESS FOR SUCCESS but I DO! I just took it one step further and applied it to the no hold bar presumably, unpredictable world of wildlife handling. The thought came to me some time ago when observing a skunk wandering around a clients yard. It was throwing out this, don't hate me because I'm beautiful/to cool for skool vibe, in the general direction of these, getting my Corona on, blond frosted hair, Abercrombie board short wearing bro-skys who were playing dispatch covers with their bongos and an acoustic guitar, on the deck next door. Before I even noticed how put off the skunk was by this offensive display, I myself threw up a little bit in my mouth. I took a good look at the skunk and its distinguishing black & white coat. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, every hipster girl I've ever dated (or for that matter, wanted to date) always gravitated towards this same color scheme.......shit the black and white outfit is basically the cornerstone for the hipster way of life. AND SO THE EXPERIMENT WAS BORN!!

The following photo set was a case study I did today to support my theory's on the PostSkunks reaction to the Modern/ Gen-Y WCO.
(click on photos to enlarge)

Cas​e Stu​dy:​ Pos​tSk​unk​ Rel​eas​e Pro​ced​ure

Exh​ibi​t A: Not​ice​ the​ Tor​toi​se She​ll Way​far​er's & the​ Cow​boy​ Nec​ker​chi​ef

Pos​tSk​unk​ Cau​tio​usl​y eme​rge​s fro​m tra​p to obs​erv​e her​ sur​rou​ndi​ngs

Exh​ibi​t B: Not​ice​ Rea​cti​on to typical Mys​pac​e sel​f por​tra​it pos​e

Pos​tSk​unk​ lin​ger​s & does a double take to adm​ire​ her​ cap​tor​s Sty​le Sense

Fin​din​gs:​ Pos​tSk​unk​ has​ pos​iti​ve rea​cti​on to the​ mod​ern​/Ge​n-Y​ WCO

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rabies!!! The next big thing to come out of SXSW!!!

The other day my best good friend, and member of the overnight sensation COMPLETE LIVEWIRE EUROPEAN ~~ Party Time Machine, sent me a link to a Brooklyn vegan post about a rabies scare at SXSW. This made my year, shit this might just beat out risking life and limb to save that fuckin goose from the 28 degree Raritan last month!! This should very well be the start of WCO's rightfully becoming the next top priority on the scenestars radar. Cut Copy, Yeasayer, Simian Mobile Disco, R.E.M, Rachel Ray's after party (not some hip band name, the actual event) and now RABIES making a memorable cameo at Texas's no holds bar city wide hipsterrific music festival. I see Rabies being as big as say Vampire Weekend is right now, mark my words by this time next months instead of hearing Mansard Roof at the beginning and end of every Real World Road Rules challenge commercial break, MTV is going to just play video and sound clips of day 6 thew 10 rabies infected dog and/or raccoons!!!! This has so many marketable features, like take for instance the fact that 60,000 people a year die from rabies in Asia & Africa (and those are only the documented cases) because they have no legitimate Animal Control Officer program in place or rabies prevention plan. Bono's going to be all over this shit and I'm sure Angelina and Brad won't be far behind. Just make sure you Remember who the original Gen-Y Bad Boy - Cutting Edge culture/lifestyle aficionado (bla bla bla....verbally jerk myself off some more...bla bla) Wildlife/Animal Control Officer Operator was, Kids! I wonder if this could get me the kind of celebrity it takes to get invited to Flavor Country, Marlboro's Corporate Ranch retreat for Philip Morris executives. I don't know about you guys but I'm super excited to see how this all pans out!



If anyone is at SXSW and reads this post while their, please please please......grab a copy of one of these fliers of a telephone pole or where ever for me!!!!........I'll give the first person who gets me a legitimate original copy of this flier a free POSTSKUNK T-SHIRT I'll even make it the Glow Cat One!!!!!!! (as soon as they get printed)

Sunday, March 9, 2008



There goes a half hour of my life spent on them god dame animated gif's!!!!

Fun With Mammal Tracks & Signs: An invaluable resource for wildlife enthusiasts and beginning or experienced trackers

VSOP stains on the rug, urine on the walls, some dude shooting a crucifix gun on the wide screen, twists/rope/tube shaped scat permeating in the top part of the toilet?

Before today you might have been scratching your head thinking, "who did this?"
But don't fret, with a little practice next time you might be able to point that finger with stern confidence!

LESSON ONE: Identifying the aftermath of the North American PostSkunk
(answerers at bottom of page.....good luck!)

Click on image to make it bigger (when I tried to make this pic bigger on the post it got all pixelated)


1) stsaC rebbuR Tnirp tooF knukStsoP

2) tcaS knukStsoP

3) sllehS mrowrepuS daeD & ttuB tereggiC dekomS

4) DVD noitidE laicepS niatnuoM yloH s'yksworodoJ ordnajelA

5) snabyaR llehS ssitroT erafyaW

6) taH noitaicossA yrnoclaF etatS kroY weN arE weN ytfiF95 noitidE detemiL

7) kooB daeH pohS /spohS deaH yhtraCcM luaP

8) enizagaM ERRAZIB fO eussI tnerruC

9) 004 tfarknerK - noitaN eibmoZ gnitsalB elffuhS doPi

10) sfaerB delioS

11) llaB ocsiD retsmaH siH nI nO doPi siH gnitteG telkcihC

12) snoitidE sbocaJ craM X sanV looksdlO latemnuG /etihW

(Hopefully you fingered out the answers are backwards, Good Luck!!!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm well aware that reptiles rule, I was not aware they rule the world

David Icke isn't your average aging soccer hooligan, he also offers the answer to why many people are born with tails. Apparently Bob Hope, the Bush's, the Royal Family of England, Al Gore, and Boxcar Willie among others are really blood sucking reptiles. I really enjoy this theory/am crossing my fingers, if this is true WCOs like me will be the equivalent to future John Conner from T2. That would be fucking rad. So these reptiles make up the majority of the most important people in the world. Al Gore is definitely a Lizard man. This makes sense because, being totally intolerable to listen to makes him the perfect candidate to inform the world about global warming. Reptiles love the sun like a whole lot, it's a fact. David regularly speaks to audiences of around 1000 and even more when he is on TV, also his books sell like they're going out of style, so apparently this guy is some what credible (or thats just me hoping really hard that I get the chance to lead the anti giant reptile rulers underground resistance, or the AGRRUR as I just now named it).

The Major problem this guy and his organization is facing is...... the Anti Defamation League? I just finished watching this 50 minute youtube video his site had a link to, thats main focus was on the ADL trying to shut him down. The ADL's major argument against Icke is... "that when David says 12 foot lizards secretly rule the world, what he really means is that Jews secretly rule the world". The part I enjoyed most about the movie was that they must have introduced the question "When David Icke says lizards does he really mean lizards?" like 40 times in a really dramatic voice. Also the ADL brought up the fact that the neo natzi unit combat 18 attended one of his lectures once in London this one time, and they gave him a "glowing review". Also I thought it was funny latter on in the video, when this guy from the ADL in Vancouver at this meeting about shutting his book signings and radio appearances down says "I bet this guy is a holocaust denier, I can't back that up but I bet he is". What ever happened to the good old days when Mel Gibson was getting all the heat....... sigh.

Alright enough with the criticizing the ADL, I like Jews especially hot ones, I like the hot ones the best! So lets get back to whats important, Reptile Judgment Day. "it's gonna feel pretty fucking real to you too. Anybody not wearing 2 million sunblock is gonna have a real bad day. Get it?", because reptiles like it real hot remember. Oh man I wonder if I'm gonna get one of those really sexy post-apocalyptic girlfriends like the mute chick in Planet of the Apes or any of the sexy girls that tag along with Snake Plissken in Escape From New York & LA. Or maybe I'll get an ally with benefits like Grace Jones in Conan or someone really awesome I can't even think of yet! The only question now is how soon is this shit going down, or should I say when are WCO's gonna start saving the world?
(thank's Amy)

Click below for David Icke's website

Click here for the 50 minute youtube video discussed above

Saturday, March 1, 2008


PostSkunk wear coming soon

Here is a first look at two of, possibly as many as, six designs I'm releasing by the end of the month. There will be a very limited number of them available. How limited depends on you. LEAVE COMMENTS if you want one. Seriously you guys have control over this one.

Are you a WCO,... Got money, Want to let everyone to know it?

GLOW CAT SHIRT!!! Don't have a couple of thuosand to spend on a glow cat? Don't even have the 3500$ for a Bottega Veneta bag? Don't worry PostSkunk has you covered.
(Cat face glows in the dark!!!!)

By the time you see these on CobraSnake & Last Nights Party they'll be totally sold out. Stay tunned for updates on availability.