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Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Does This Cowboy Think This Is Livejournal?

Wildlife waits for no one man so I've been working around the clock tryin to keep the peace with this whole Man vs Nature Suburban hustle I call a job/ Way of Life! (hence the recent lack of content on my little blogspot brainchild) And not to sound like a winnie little bitch or anything but, this week I feel like I didn't embrace my Catchin Skunks Gettin Paid Credo the way it's meant to be embraced (Background: I attribute my business sense to Cam'ron but instead of selling crack I catch Wild homo ya know)

Two things that Tickled my Fancy in an otherwise shitty week

#1: Blah Blah Bitch [THE BLOG-E-BLOG] sent me the Sun Lips - Black Moth Super Rainbow video, which I'd never seen before and now am totally in love with! Check It Out

#2: I'm smitten with this picture of Amy I found on her myspace page.

Super Fan # 1 over here really knows what this PostSkunk shit is all about. Get a load of how Rad this photo is! Is She at a Furry convention? Is this some kind of bootleg mascot dive bar? Is Amy fallowing Paul McCarthys lead and producing some sort of Disney-esk erotic performance art? Maybe in Prague animal costumes are like a really big scene & this was the Vaca photo I didn't see? Maybe it's something really great I can't even think of yet?.....

Submit all questions in the form of comments at the bottom of this post! I'll Answer them in a new post next week!
If this proves Blog worthy I'll do it regularly, if you think this is a lame idea comment about how it sux!


Amy said...

YAY!!!! That was actually from the Fursuit Paintoff, where a bunch of artists sat around and got really drunk and painted the portraits of creepy men wearing animal suits. Aren't you happy you asked??? It was one of those classic moments where I showed up and bitched about how much the whole thing sucked and I hated it and I was really bitter... and then like half an hour later I was really drunk and dancing with the furries, having a great time. Ahhh, memories.


Dear Postskunk,

What happens to the animals once you catch them? I know you release them, but where?

What sort of training does one have to endure to become a licensed WCO?

What was the worst attack you ever sustained from an animal?

What is happening to the adorable family of motherless fox pups??

I could go on...

xo - Amy

north philly's newest wildlife hero said...

dear PS,

how exactly would a newbie to the WC world earn cred among other WCO's? like if i showed up to a convention wearing a shirt with "#1 beast catcher" on the front and "U.S.A." on the back, what would the overall reaction be? do i have more cred off the bat for working urban?