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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Um excuse me, whats this post about again?

It's Monday morning, 2:00 am, have to work in a few hours, this is what I got for ya tonight cowboys and girls.

Um excuse me, could you please turn down that light we've got a wicked handover?

Um excuse me, I seem to have gotten myself in a bit of a pickle here?

Um excuse me, ya think you could spare a Marlboro?

Um excuse me, did you ever know how fun digging holes is cause it's really really fun, seriously I'm really good at it?

Um excuse me, would you happen to have any more raw chicken?

Um excuse me, do you think it'd be ok if we popped some of your bubble rap please?

Um excuse me, does insulation make you itchy too?

Um excuse me, have you seen my mom?

Um excuse me, my name is muscles and my analyst says that why I have anger management problems?

Um excuse me, I see you have a double chin you should try curves?

This shit is straight fire!
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My pal Katykraft is nothing short of AMAZING. I think this video explanes it all!
If this doesn't persuede you to check her out on the myspace you probably shouldn't be on PostSkunk in the first place!
Katykraft's Myspace

Check out this video: billy france et katykraft

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2nd on our musical safari tonight is our old friend electronic musical extraordinar the one the only Party Time 2000. Hit up his new tracks on the myspace they never disappoint (and play Champagne one time for me while your there). I'm The One is Stainless, you've done it again cowboy.
Part Time 2000 Myspace


ali said...
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reginacurran said...

i'm gonna attack your place of residence and pillage all the furry creatures.

sheer! said...

awwww baby animals :) wheeeeeee... PS I JUST saw your friend request on, from like 6 months ago. GAWD I SUCK