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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Q & A

Dear Postskunk,

1) What happens to the animals once you catch them? I know you release them, but where?

2) What sort of training does one have to endure to become a licensed WCO?

3) What was the worst attack you ever sustained from an animal?

4) What is happening to the adorable family of motherless fox pups??

I could go on...

xo - Amy

The Short Answers:

1) Two words........Show Business


3) It was from a Vietnamese Fire Breathing Bat back in the early days, when sideburns were still cool!

4) I'm not sure.......the ungrateful little shits never write!

I saw this today in the News and I though it might be Blog-worthy

His name is Yosuke, he was missing but when the cops picked him up he eventually told them his name and address. This guy is almost as cool as the African Grey that let us know that "the Rapture is coming" and that we need to read our bibles! Click Here for the post with his video in it
Let me tell you about another person who thinks animals are cute........Jesue

Click her to read the whole Yosuke saga

One Last Thing
Fan mail Photo of me & my #1 K9 Fan

Disclamer: PostSkunk does not condone drinking while Controlling Wild Animals!


ali said...

LOVE to see Moe made the blog. Not such a fan of seeing my little brother lit on fire though...

reginacurran said...
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reginacurran said...
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Tom said...

post skunk readers want SNAKES!

doesnt post skunk hate pants?

although post skunk is not allowed to capture bears, is the wildlife wrangler capable of leading an expedition to observe the beast in its natural habitat?