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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Gauntlet for the Fashionable Falconer

As far as I know or am concerned there are only two types of single glove wearing people who are readily excepted in society today, the first is Michal J ( and I know thats a stretch) and the second is the ever so bad ass Falconer!

The Power Glove
"Everything else is child's play"
The year was 1989, the only explanation I can think of for this masterpiece is the nerds over in product development at Nintendo, called up DeLorean got him to bring over a large amount of crystal meth invited Steven Hawking to the party then pumped the volume all the way up and played Paul Engermann - Push it to the limit on repeat untill they managed to travel threw time to the future, swipe the T-1000 robot arm from Miles Dyson, then time travel back to present day 1989 duplicate its technology and presto the PowerGlove was born. Coincidentally this is also why the human race will be destroyed by machines in the not so distant future.

This is probably the singal most radical choice for a gauntlet glove. A union between falconer, raptor, and technology where children become men and apprentices become masters. And the input cord can double as a leash for the jesses.

If you can get your hands on some of these bad boys then I would assume you probably already have some, because their pretty fuckin cool.  Falconry is just the catalyst needed for putting these retro favorites back into circulation were they belong.  Don't let the commercial fool you their not for kids, their actually for prefectly normal self respecting adults.

The Claw
I've always had an affinity for anything with pinchers.  Land and water carbs, lobsters, crayfish, scorpians,  I actually went thew a phase in my life were I owned all of them and basically made them the focus of any and all 2d and 3d work I did.  So I might gravitate towards something like a lobster or crab claw mitt when fisting my raptor.

Gauntlet Glove DON'Ts

Seriously, your playing with fire if you go fuckin around and using the skywalker glove for falconry.  You may even loose your falconers license. Fish Game and Wildlife are real strict about that shit.

And if you asking yourself "I wonder if my collectible Witchblade glove might be appropriate to help me become a fashionable falconer?"  

Then the only thing I have to say to you is........Go Back To Jerking Off With Your Vamperella Comics And Get The Fuck Off My Blog!


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yes. i babysitt a 12 year old whose mom was a prostitute, and she loves vampirella. more plz.

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This is BULLSH*T!