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Friday, October 10, 2008


My Friday Top 5 YouTube Count Down

So I took it easy today, ran earns and did office shit instead of doing on site work, mainly because there is a Friday The Thirteenth, The Series marathon on the Sci Fi channel and honestly this shits bangging just as hard as it did back in 89! Now I have 45 minutes to kill before my 4:00 inspection so I figured I'd share a few youtube clips that eather people have sent me or I've come across threw my streaming video travels, that have really tickled my fancy.

I had this one tucked away in my favorites for a while, and honestly it never gets old. I think the boogie board pump really fuels its Stay Power!

Katykraft sent me this one Via Myspace and I think it speaks for itself

This one goes out to all you Democrats out there, you might want to put down Cherly Temples so you don't choke on the cherry!
(complements of Alison V)

This is who I've been partying with lately
(complements of Amy)

And for the number one spot I've got something real special for you kids. This Video Completes Me! Learn it, Know it, Live it!


alikoz said...

#5: is that you in the tube top?
#4: Brilliant commentary on American consumerism from a post-modern socialist perspective.
#3: Every time I think of Shirley Temples, I think of the Sunset Inn on Rt. 31
#2:Is it true that when you see a raccoon during the day it probably has rabies?
#1: I miss the days when the Kid was ironic.

sheer! said...

omg. #4. I couldn't even continue after that. AHHAHAHAHH

Anonymous said...

we need to get JANE up here asap.